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Friends Only [

Sunday 12 December, @ 9:57 pm

From now on this livejournal is friends only. Comment to be added.

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It's all about me [

Monday 09 June, @ 6:41 pm

I snagged this meme from xo_daniellex3! I thought it looked intresting so I filled it in as well. It's so sad, but I really like filling in these kind of things lol.

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Holidays [

Thursday 28 June, @ 5:51 pm

I have holidays! WOOOOT! I passed my last exam this morning so now I officially have holidays! :D Till september or so! It's really awesome.. I'm going to Gran Canaria in 2 weeks so that'll be fun too.
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Weird weekend [

Sunday 10 December, @ 9:46 pm

Mood: blank
Music: Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love

I had to work friday night and it was sooo freaking scary! There was no one in the store and this creepy vagabond (sp?) walked into the store and I was cleaning the windows, so he stood really close and he was asking things like do you have almonds, cause I think they're erotic and stuff.. So I walked behind my counter and luckily he went away but then he came back.. It was sooo scary, he and his weird stories.. But luckily 2 woman came in and didn't trust him so after they bought something they waited till he was away! And luckily a security guy passed my store, so they walked up to him and told him what was going on and he stood outside the store the rest of the night :P But I was sooo glad, cause I was so scared.. I mean I was in the store alone that night.. On saturday there's 2 of us, but on friday nights never.. After I told the security guy how he looked he said he knew who I meant, so I didn't know what exactly he meant with that but still..
Haha I also called my mom if she was picking me up from work cause I didn't even wanna walk home alone..
It was kinda funny that the security guy stood next to my store for the rest of the night if I think back on it now haha.

And today it's my dad's birthday so my family came over. My mom bought the most delicious cake ever! Seriously I could've eaten the whole cake! But that's not good for me haha. Although I'm going to fitness next week. Yes the day has come that I've decided to build op a condition haha. So I got a registration form last week and I'm gonna start this week. I so don't wanna haha, but I have to.. :P

Plusss today :D I became the mod of the Lauren Graham Board on fanforum! How cool is that! :D

Blah I think I will go to bed already.. I'm just too tired.. I mean I woke up at 8.30am on a sunday morning.. That's just too early and that's also why I'm too tired now.. That's weird, right? I mean tomorrow I have to get up at 7.45 and that doesn't tire me. Maybe that's because it's a routine on mondays.

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Nothing much [

Monday 04 December, @ 7:56 pm

Mood: excited
Music: The Veronicas - When it all falls apart

I keep wondering why I have my livejournal haha. Cause my life is soooo freaking boring atm.. I'm really busy with school, which is finally getting intresting btw! In the first semester we were learning the basics and stuff and now we're learning sorta about psychology which I think is soooo intresting! Too bad I wasn't smart enough to major in that, cause that would be too cool. So I'm glad we're sorta learning it now too. It's hard but it's cool. But the thing is, I'm like 2 weeks behind om my schoolwork haha. So that's what keeps me busy.
Besides that I've been working a lot lately. It's very busy at the store where I work, because of Saint Nicolas and Christmas.. But I don't really mind, cause I loovveee my paycheck at the end of the month! :P

Ohhh and yessss tomorrow it's Saint Nicolas :D Finally getting the gifts my mom is teasing me about for weeks now haha! All I know is that I'm getting the pink Ipod Nano, but she also bought some small gifts for me. It's weird I feel like a little kid. I mean even if they're just small presents I'm getting all excited for it! So I can't wait :D
Plus I got my internship tomorrow which is great, since we'll be celebrating Saint Nicolas all day :D You gotta love it!

Blahhh I hate being busy.. I wanna make my new music video soooo badly, but I just don't have the time for it :( Hopefully I'm able to make it in my christmas break or so.. Only 2.5 more weeks until that haha. I seriously need a break. Luckily I have thursday and friday off, so that's already good! That's great actually since it's my grandpa's birthday on thursday and all his brothers and sisters are comming in the afternoon and it's just fun to come by then. I mean all those old people are just too funny. I just know I'm getting stories about my mom when she was a kid then and stuff, which is always fun :D

Other than that, not much is going on here.. Well www.lauren-online.net has a new layout! That's something good too!

Oh and I'm sorry if I haven't posted comments on your entries, but because of my business I haven't been able to do so.. Hopefully it will change soon!

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